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I found some scripts on my workstation that have not been published and may be interesting for some people. Actually, I will not prepare them for publishing, but you can contact me, if you are interested in one or more of them.

  • A tool for the backup of network components. The script runs as a daemon and can be configured via config files. It reads in the config files containing the passwords of the components once, so you can store them in a crypt storage. There exist severeal templates for ssh, scp, telnet. The intention is to make automated backups from router, switches, firewalls etc.
  • Postfixanalyser was written for the trendmicro mail virusscanner. You can search for mails and you will get a status for the found mails: when did the system receive it, when was it working with the mail the last time, whats the status of the mail, where there any problem while delivering the mail. The second feature was a simple statistic: bytes and number of mails received and send, mails by status (received from extern, queued, sent to trend, received from trend, queued, delivered) and mails by problem (deferred and not sent to scanner (scanner rejected), deferred and not sent to scanner (scanner down), sent to trend, but deferred before, dereffed and not sent to extern (mta rejected), deferred and not sent to extern (mta down), sent to extern, but deferred befor).
  • A logscanner and a scanner for the checkpoint objects file.
  • A tool, that parses the registry of the genugate firewall and produces a more human readable output in html.
  • A ftp-script for the honeynet.
  • Various backupscripts in Perl and Bash.
  • Various iptables scrips.
  • A script called minilinux to create a small linux out of a huge running system.
  • Pigsparty was a small projetct that was never finished. The idea was to convert snort rule sets into iptables rule sets.
  • A snort admin interface in php.
  • A perlmodule and some programs (e.g. mfl) for the preparation and analysis of longitudinal data with a focus of same domains.

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[2005-02-18] mp3riot version 1.3 released
[2004-10-08] mp3riot version 1.2 is out.
[2004-04-30] Added section Bridging
[2004-01-09] working progress on mp3riot version 1.2
The Android security bulletin for Mayis available. It lists 40 different CVE numbers addressed by the May over-the-air update; the bulk of those are at a severity level of "high"or above. "Partners were notified about the issues described in the bulletin on April 04, 2016 or earlier. Source code patches for these issues will be released to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository over the next 48 hours. We will revise this bulletin with the AOSP links when they are available. The most severe of these issues is a Critical security vulnerability that could enable remote code execution on an affected device through multiple methods such as email, web browsing, and MMS when processing media files."
May Android security bulletin

The International Day Against DRM is May 3. "Participate in person at one of the planned events, or join us Tuesday on for ways to take action against DRM. There will also be a list of discounted ebook offerings from stores participating in the Day."
Intl. Day Against DRM is Tuesday

Arch Linuxhas updated firefox(multiple vulnerabilities). CentOShas updated mercurial(C7: two vulnerabilities). Debianhas updated botan1.10(multiple vulnerabilities), chromium-browser(multiple vulnerabilities), poppler(code execution), and tardiff(two vulnerabilities). Debian-LTShas updated botan1.10(multiple vulnerabilities), gdk-pixbuf(two vulnerabilities), mysql-5.5(multiple vulnerabilities), poppler(code execution), and subversion(two vulnerabilities). Fedorahas updated ansible(F23; F22: code execution), firefox(F23: multiple vulnerabilities), gd(F23: code execution), openvas-cli(F23: cross-site scripting), openvas-gsa(F23: cross-site scripting), openvas-libraries(F23: cross-site scripting), openvas-manager(F23: cross-site scripting), openvas-scanner(F23: cross-site scripting), roundcubemail(F23; F22: multiple vulnerabilities), and xen(F23; F22: multiple vulnerabilities). Mageiahas updated chromium-browser-stable(multiple vulnerabilities), firefox(multiple vulnerabilities), pgpdump(denial of service), php(multiple vulnerabilities), php-ZendFramework(multiple vulnerabilities), and roundcubemail(three vulnerabilities). Red Hathas updated chromium-browser(RHEL6: multiple vulnerabilities), java-1.6.0-ibm(RHEL5,6: multiple vulnerabilities), java-1.7.0-ibm(RHEL5: multiple vulnerabilities), java-1.7.1-ibm(RHEL7: multiple vulnerabilities), mercurial(RHEL7: two vulnerabilities), and rh-mysql56-mysql(RHSCL: multiple vulnerabilities). Slackwarehas updated ntp(multiple vulnerabilities), php(multiple vulnerabilities), and subversion(two vulnerabilities). Ubuntuhas updated ubuntu-core-launcher(16.04: code execution).
Security updates for Monday

The "linux-insides"series of articles has gained an overview of inline assembly in GCC. "I've decided to write this to consolidate my knowledge related to inline assembly here. As inline assembly statements are quite common in the Linux kernel and we may see them in linux-insides parts sometimes, I thought that it would be useful if we would have a special part which contains descriptions of the more important aspects of inline assembly. Of course you may find comprehensive information about inline assembly in the official documentation, but I like the rules all in one place."
A guide to inline assembly code in GCC

The 4.6-rc6kernel prepatch is out. Linus says: "Things continue to be fairly calm, although I'm pretty sure I'll still do an rc7 in this series."As of this prepatch the code name has been changed to "Charred Weasel."
Kernel prepatch 4.6-rc6

The Devuan community has finally gotten a beta release out for testing. "Debian GNU+Linux [sic] is a fork of Debian without systemd, on its way to become much more than that. This Beta release marks an important milestone towards the sustainability and the continuation of Devuan as an universal base distribution."
Devuan Jessie beta released

At the Mozilla blog, Andy McKay announcesthat the browser maker has officially declared WebExtensionsready to use for add-on development. "With the release of Firefox 48, we feel WebExtensions are in a stable state. We recommend developers start to use the WebExtensions API for their add-on development."The WebExtensions support released for Firefox 48 includes improvements to the "alarms, bookmarks, downloads, notifications, webNavigation, webRequest, windowsand tabs"APIs, support for a new Content Security Policy that limits where resources can be loaded from, and support in Firefox for Android. LWN looked atthe WebExtensions API in December.
WebExtensions in Firefox 48

Debianhas updated subversion(multiple vulnerabilities). Fedorahas updated i7z(F23: denial of service). openSUSEhas updated php5(Leap 42.1: multiple vulnerabilities). SUSEhas updated ntp(SLE11; SLE12: multiple vulnerabilities).
Friday's security updates

The Association for Computing Machinery has announcedthe recipients of its 2015 technical awards. They are Brent Walters, Michael Luby, Eric Horvitz, and: "Richard Stallman, recipient of the ACM Software System Award for the development and leadership of GCC (GNU Compiler Collection), which has enabled extensive software and hardware innovation, and has been a lynchpin of the free software movement."
The ACM 2015 technical awards

The resultsof the X.Org election are in. There were two things up for a vote: four seats on the board of directors and amending the bylaws to join Software in the Public Interest(SPI). Unlike last year's election, this year's vote met the required 2/3 approval to join SPI(61 voters out of 65 members, with 54 voting "Yes", 4 "No", and 3 "Abstain"). In addition, Egbert Eich, Alex Deucher, Keith Packard, and Bryce Harrington were elected to the board.
X.Org votes to join SPI

CentOShas updated firefox(C6; C5: multiple vulnerabilities). Debianhas updated iceweasel(multiple vulnerabilities) and php5(multiple vulnerabilities). Fedorahas updated kernel(F23: two vulnerabilities) and libtasn1(F22: denial of service). openSUSEhas updated php5(13.2: multiple vulnerabilities, including one from 2014). SUSEhas updated php5(SLE12: multiple vulnerabilities, including one from 2014). Ubuntuhas updated libsoup2.4(16.04, 15.10, 14.04: regression in previous update), oxide-qt(16.04, 15.10, 14.04: multiple vulnerabilities), php5(15.10: regression in previous update), and thunderbird(multiple vulnerabilities).
Security updates for Thursday

The Weekly Edition for April 28, 2016 is available.
[$] Weekly Edition for April 28, 2016

Firefox 46.0 has been released, featuring improved security of the JavaScript Just In Time (JIT) Compiler and GTK3 integration. See the release notesfor more details.
Firefox 46.0

CentOShas updated firefox(C7: multiple vulnerabilities). Debianhas updated mysql-5.5(multiple vulnerabilities) and openjdk-7(multiple vulnerabilities). Fedorahas updated rpm(F23: two vulnerabilities) and xstream(F23; F22: enabled processing of external entities). Gentoohas updated libksba(three vulnerabilities) and wireshark(multiple vulnerabilities). Mageiahas updated libgd(code execution), samba(multiple vulnerabilities), w3m(denial of service), and wireshark(multiple vulnerabilities). Oraclehas updated firefox(OL7; OL6; OL5: multiple vulnerabilities). Red Hathas updated firefox(RHEL5,6,7: multiple vulnerabilities). Scientific Linuxhas updated firefox(SL5,6,7: multiple vulnerabilities). Slackwarehas updated firefox(multiple vulnerabilities). Ubuntuhas updated firefox(multiple vulnerabilities).
Security advisories for Wednesday

Version 6.1 of the GCC compiler suite is out. Changes in this release include defaulting to the C++14 standard, improved diagnostic output, full support for OpenMP 4.5, better optimization, and more; see the changelogfor a full list.
GCC 6.1 Released

GNU glibc 'getaddrinfo()' Function Multiple Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
Vuln: GNU glibc 'getaddrinfo()' Function Multiple Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Oracle Java SE CVE-2015-4893 Remote Security Vulnerability
Vuln: Oracle Java SE CVE-2015-4893 Remote Security Vulnerability

Oracle Java SE CVE-2015-4872 Remote Security Vulnerability
Vuln: Oracle Java SE CVE-2015-4872 Remote Security Vulnerability

Oracle Java SE CVE-2015-4842 Remote Security Vulnerability
Vuln: Oracle Java SE CVE-2015-4842 Remote Security Vulnerability

[slackware-security] mercurial (SSA:2016-123-01)
Bugtraq: [slackware-security] mercurial (SSA:2016-123-01)

ESA-2016-041: RSA Data Loss Prevention Multiple Vulnerabilities
Bugtraq: ESA-2016-041: RSA Data Loss Prevention Multiple Vulnerabilities

[SECURITY] [DSA 3565-1] botan1.10 security update
Bugtraq: [SECURITY] [DSA 3565-1] botan1.10 security update

[SECURITY] [DSA 3564-1] chromium-browser security update
Bugtraq: [SECURITY] [DSA 3564-1] chromium-browser security update

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